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Mexico: UFOs Appearing During Earthquakes

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Pueblo en Línea
Date: 09.12.2016

Mexico: UFOs Appearing During Earthquakes

MEXICO CITY 09.12.2016 (El Pueblo en Línea) - Mexico is no stranger to UFO sightings before, during or after tremors or earthquakes, an extraordinary fact when considering that the presence of these objects during earth movements has been documented on video not only here, but in various parts of the world.

An earthquake was recorded on 8 February 2010 at 18:47 hours in Mexico City with a magnitude of 5.9 on the Richter scale with an epicenter in the state of Oaxaca.

At 16:00 hours, Alejandro Mandeur, located in the south of the city, photographed a yellow, lentil-shaped object from the rooftop of his workplace. The alleged flying saucer projects a shadow to its left. The image also gives us several points of reference such as buildings, houses and trees, with the Iztaccihuatl Volcano in the background.

Another case that has made news worldwide was recorded on 22 May 2009, involving an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale. It shook Central Mexico at 17:15 hours. This movement was recorded by the National Seismological Center as having its epicenter in Puebla.

UFO hunter Pedro Hernández videotaped a UFO expelling orbs as it flew over Ciudad Satélite in the State of Mexico. Nearly 100 of these objects scattered all over the city.

In the light of this evidence, we can conclude that there is a direct relationship between earthquakes and UFOs.

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[Translation © 2016 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

"If the Military Admitted the Existence of UFOs, Their Scam Would Collapse"

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Vanguardia (Spain)
Date: 09.13.2016

"If the Military Admitted the Existence of UFOs, Their Scam Would Collapse"
An interview with Juan Jose Benitez by Andres Guerra

Juan Jose Benitez (Born in Pamplona, Spain, 1946) found it necessary to quit his newspaper job due to the stubbornness of the UFO phenomenon. He has never regretted it, although he went through hard times at first. His success is attested by millions of copies of books sold and his reputation, and for having an important member of the military hand him a dozen files to be declassified. Benitez turns 70 this year and wants to celebrate his anniversary with the publication of Solo Para Tus Ojos (Editorial Planeta), a survey of the 300 cases that impressed him the most.

It's nearly impossible to choose a single case among all those you've researched, but if the phenomenon's credibility depended on a single one, which would you choose?

Indeed, it's very hard because there are thousands and they're very interesting. I remember one in Caracas, Venezuela, experienced by a renowned physician, Dr. Sanchez Vegas. It was in the 1960s and it appeared in the local press as a strange case, about how a person standing a little over one meter tall, with very peculiar physical characteristics (earless, a single lung, heart in the middle of the thorax, etc.) appeared in his office, wearing a metallic suit. His origin was unknown. The truth was stranger than what was featured in the press, and the doctor told me personally years later: he was called to see a patient in a poor neighborhood and was faced with a being displaying serious injuries, fever and a major infection in one leg. It was wearing pants and shirt and was barefoot. It had three toes in front and one in back (sic), six fingers on its hands, arranged like pincers, a disproportionately large head, very large black eyes, dark blood...he ascertained that it had a single lung divided in two. He ministered to the being for weeks in the humble house where it had been taken in. It ate and drank normally. When it began to speak, it told him in poor Spanish that it had to go, as it was being hunted. It only said that it came from "far away" and asked to be taken to a village in the middle of the country, where a native family would take him in. They would know what to do. Before doing so, he took it to his office, where he gave it some medicine. That's when the news hit the press. The doctor chose to make up a story. He took the creature with some friends to the indicated coordinates: the village of San Fernando de Apure. The native family welcomed him and took him to a clearing in the woods. A disk shaped object came down, the being entered the craft, and it rose in the air until it vanished. All this in perfect silence. Before leaving, the being told the doctor that it would return in 2027. I find this case very interesting because it is a first-class witness, a doctor who spent time with the creature and managed to see what happened.

It would take a single x-ray of that creature to convince the most hardened skeptic that the phenomenon is real.

It was the first thing I asked him when I interview him. He said no, that it hadn't occurred to him at the time. His aim was to cure him. His story seems credible to me because there were many more witnesses: the house in which he stayed, the residents of the village to which he was taken, seven hours away by car.

Do you think it was a technology sufficiently advanced to solve the unsurmountable problem of traveling between one star and another?

Of course. This is a technology we cannot even intuit. It's like telling Columbus that the voyage that took him three months can be covered today in 8 hours and by air. These civilizations evidently have a technological development at such a level that scientific arguments are obsolete. They can’t come because it is physically impossible to surpass light speed? 21st century science says so, but we don't know what 300th century science says, from the use of teleportation to visiting unknown dimensions that cannot be technologically accessed.

If there isn't one single type of UFO, it is logical to assume that there is no single type of occupant. They come from everywhere, then?

I have over 2000 types of beings in my files. The morphologies seen are diverse. And I have a minimal part. There isn't a single civilization, but thousands. When explorers go to the jungle, they don't ask who the king of the monkeys is.

If there are countless stars and thousands of galaxies, what attracts all of these intergalactic visitors to earth?

I think we're very primitive. [Gabriel] García Marquez said we're the most provincial planet in the galaxy (laughs). We're violent, constantly involved in wars, but we live on a beautiful planet. I think that makes us interesting for scientific visits, exploration, adventures or even tourism.

There is a classic question that is also essential: it's asked by anyone interested in the phenomenon and not just skeptics. Why are they so elusive?

I suppose there must be some kind of universal standard not to interfere on planets that are inferior from the standpoint of development. When we have done it, through colonization, for example, the result has been disastrous. It always ended badly. I'm betting these entities are aware of it and have forbidden it. You cannot intervene in a world that still wages war.

Human scientists don't talk to lab rats. Are we facing a similar situation?

Something like that. When humans go to the jungle and come across monkeys, they don't ask to meet their king. I further believe that these civilizations are ambivalent: they study, research or monitor, we're not sure what their goal is. Meanwhile, humans try to understand what they're doing here, the military tries to knock them out of the air with missiles and so forth.

I understand that a few decades ago, when current recording systems did not exist and people didn't go around with Smartphones, getting unquestioned proof was hard. Why hasn't a witness or researcher like yourself appeared on television with such evidence? Does it not exist?

Sure it does. By the dozen. But it is in the hands of the military, starting with crashed vehicles, captured creatures, radar evidence, photographs, etc. Researchers also have proof, but even if you bring them to the stage, it will never have the same probative value that it would if it came from the authorities. This they will not do. They aren't interested.

Why? What would fall apart?

Their scam. The military of all countries are supported by taxation. If I'm the Army and I tell the taxpayer that there are some civilizations up there that are 50,000 years ahead of us and that there's nothing we can do against them, the taxpayer can reasonably ask why he's paying me a salary for.

To protect us against an attack from DAESH?

Yes, they're doing that already. It's also a great business for arms manufacturers, isn't that so?

Has there been an effort to control you or discredit you? I'm asking about human forces, of course.

Of course. I've gone through phases in which public opinion has been poisoned about me, calling me everything except pretty, and I suspect there's been a physical attempt against me. It's logical, though. I'm a troublesome person who’s needling them, calling military men liars.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Andrés Guerra (La Vanguardia)]

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Mexico: Unidentified Red Light At the Colima Volcano

[With thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 years Ago

Source: Facebook
Date: 09.12.16
An article by Sebastián Aranguren

Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 years Ago

Forty eight years ago, a girl playing with a friend on a property locating the Tiro Federal football club of Gualeguay, Province of Entre Rios, was a direct witness to a case that would be a sort of Roswell-type event, should it be confirmed, as the child spoke to a small humanoid and held it in her arms.

The unusual episode was reported to researchers from the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) by a woman who is now 53 years old, the little girl who lived through the incredible story that she could never erase from her mind, and has now disclosed it to the UFO research team.

Teresa, as she is identified, recounted that one afternoon in 1968, when she was 5 years old and playing on a lot bordering the Gualeguay Tiro Federal, she saw something moving among the weeds.
She approached the location curiously and saw that what moved about was something she would never forget: a tiny being, naked, and with large eyes that regarded her sorrowfully. He appeared to be having a bad time in the puddle in which he lay on his back.

Overcoming her initial shock, the child picked up the "little man", as she still calls him today, and cuddled it in her arms, feeling its cold and "slippery" flesh. It also had a prominent head that was out of proportion with the rest of her body with long and extremely slender arms.

"The woman doesn't recall having seen the little man's nose. He was about some 20 centimeters tall, judging from the space he occupied between her neck and bellybutton as she gathered him in her arms," said Luis Burgos, director of FAO, the UFO organization studying the case.

The case that Burgos uploaded to his website also adds that Teresita's entity "had skin like a chicken and with an orange tinge." He added that it lacked eyelashes and eyebrows, and in her childhood fantasy, the girl thought she was in the presence of a living doll. But the discovery would have a darker ending. "The father of Teresa’s friend was the man in charge of the Tiro Federal football club. Both girls went over to show him about their discovery with an unexpected reaction, according to Burgos. He wrenched the creature Teresa cradled in his arms and admonished her severely, walking off with the entity. The girl never saw it again. Every time she crossed paths with her friend's father, she would say accusingly: "You stole the little man from me."

Teresa's life went on. She came to live in the Buenos Aires area and when she returned to Gualeguay, she found impossible to reconstruct her childhood discovery. However, she saw a similarity between the little man and the humanoids of the movie Cocoon, although much larger, and shed tears of joy upon seeing Steven Spielberg's "E.T.". There is a further detail that could be linked with the 1968 event and upon which the FAO group has focused: Teresa was able to recreate a ceramic figure of the little man, and had a variety of paranormal experiences throughout her adult life.

The Case Occurred during the 1968 Flap

The case narrated by Teresa occurred, according to Luis Burgos, "within the context of the greatest UFO wave on the national and global level." Burgos stressed that the Great UFO Flap of 1968 included "a considerable number of humanoid encounters which totaled no less than 21 reports in 1968 alone." He added that there were UFO sightings in the summer of 1968 in Federacion (16 Feb 68) and Concepcion del Uruguay (15 Mar 68).

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Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in the Patagones District

Source: VISION OVNI & Comarca
Date: 09.08.2016

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in the Patagones District

Is the Chupacabras on the loose? Questions arise over the discovery of dead cows and sheep. The discovery of mutilated animals in various fields caused alarm in the rural community, which is unable to explain the reason for these events. A cattleman describes the situation experienced.

The subject gives rise to conflicting opinions, from the most skeptical to the most credulous, each willing to tell their own version of the events: that it is a subject imposed by the government to forestall discussions of any other matter, that they are caused by pumas, and other theories that have been circulated by the media.

In this case, Carlos Dietz is a cattleman in the Patagones District and he told his story on the "Patagones y algo mas" program transmitted on Radio Nacional Viedma.

Dietz is a cattleman in a field located in the region of the 31st. He engages in agriculture and livestock and is one of those who are unable to explain the anomalies that took place on his property.

In an interview with journalist Daniel Etman, Carlos said that animals began appearing with their jaws completely devoured some 15 days ago. "There were a few cases and mine is one of them. It's very strange. You can't say anything or they'll laugh in your face," Dietz remarked on the capital area radio station.

"Strangest of all is that only the animal's jawbone was eaten away. Nothing more. It's the only thing. All that was left were the carretillas. The soft parts were fully intact, and the anus is also intact," Dietz explained, clarifying that he discusses the matter in the hopes that no sensational claims will be raised about it.

Regarding the discovery on his field, he said the animal involved weighed approximately 500 kilos. "Had there been a fight, or a threatening situation, the animal would've left marks on the ground, but this appears to have been a sudden death, gently falling to the ground and staying there. It never managed to let off a few kicks. Very surprising."

As for the animal's decomposition, he said carrion animals will reduce it to bone in little time. "Mice appear and dig holes. Vultures arrive and polish the carcass clean. In this case, it's been over ten days and the animal's intact. Only the upper part of the jaw is missing. No carrion animals have come near, not at all."

The area, he said, consists of small farms ranging from 500 to 800 hectares. These are flat fields without hills. "They are basically all ranches and you can see the animals from your house. You go out to survey the area and you can see the entire property. This cow (the one found without its jaw) is 400 meters from my home. I see it and what surprises me the most is that no mice or vultures have approached. Not one."

Questions arise daily, with each episode that occurs in the area fields. Up to now it is said that there have been three incidents in the Patagones District, one of them on a field on the way to the 7 de Marzo tourist village, better known as La Baliza.

Each event gives rise to questions and uncertainty. Questions that arise with every statement put forth. No one has a logical explanation of the event and absolutely all reject the story of the legendary Chupacabras in the area.

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Andrea Pérez Simondini of Visión OVNI

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Guatemala: Strange Object Over Banco de Guatemala

Source: PLANETA UFO and Publinews
Date: 1 September 2016
(An article by Luisa Ma. Godinez)

Guatemala: Strange Object Over Banco de Guatemala

A Publinews reader shared some videos with us that showed a strange object flying near Intelcap and Banco de Guatemala.

"I'm sharing with you an unidentified flying object (UFO) that I recorded today around 8:05 a.m.," remarked Giovanni Dorigoni.

At first glance it isn't possible to make out what it is. It could be a drone, however. Some Facebook users remarked that it looked like a balloon.

In one of the videos, the object remains static before concealing itself behind the clouds.

Video at:

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Spain: CIA Document Discloses Possible UFO Sighting in Barcelona

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Razón (Spain)
Date: 08.15.2016
Original Article by Víctor Fernández, La Razón

Spain: CIA Document Discloses Possible UFO Sighting in Barcelona

May 21, 1952. Barcelona was making preparations for the International Eucharistic Conference to such an extent that the La Vanguardia Española discussed the arrival of the archbishop of Ottawa as though he were a special guest. The possibility of some afternoon rain showers that Wednesday was in the forecast. Journalist Valentín García was among those who looked at the sky that day, but it seems he saw more than just a storm warning.

This is what a document declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) attests. It forms part of a series of documents disclosed last February, a considerable part of them related to the likelihood of unidentified flying object sightings.

Valentín García, as the CIA reports, was crossing Avenida de Jose Antonio - the modern Gran Via de les Cortes Catalanes - on the way to his newsroom when he saw something strange - too strange - up in the sky. "I saw a strange object flying at high speed from the Prat Airport, some 2000 meters over the ground, leaving a broad plume of smoke in his wake," the journalist told the news agency. García even made some inquiries about the object and ascertained that it was not an aircraft of which the El Prat and Sabadell Airports were aware. He also noted that there were differences with the so-called flying saucers because it did not emit "flashes or light, nor did it spin on an axis."

The reporter was not alone in seeing that craft, according to what is presented in the CIA's declassified pages. "My colleagues at the office saw the smoke, but not the object," said one document. A curious item of information is that when it was already over Badalona, the craft or whatever it was stopped expelling the eye-catching smoke and "vanished for a few seconds, reappearing once again kilometers later, issuing smoke. Telephones started ringing at the paper's newsroom, with people claiming having seen the same smoking vehicle that Valentín García mentioned.

There is something more, although all we have is a reference in the CIA papers. A photograph is known to exist, but unfortunately, it appears to remain classified because it does not appear in the raft of documents released on 21 February. It was taken by Francisco Andreu and according to the note, [the object] "presented a diagonal stripe." Oddly, it is said that the photo was taken on 17 May, even though the information is from the 21st of that month. Clerical error?

What is indeed certain is that this incident, whose existence is known thanks to a journalist in contact with the CIA, caught the attention of the U.S. intelligence services.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Spain: "I Saw a UFO" (1975)

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 08.17.2016

Spain: "I Saw a UFO" (1975)

Over 40 years ago, Murillo had become news due to a particular event. A local resident, Doña Andrea, told Diario LA RIOJA in August '75 that she had seen a UFO. The 51-year-old woman claimed having seen it close at hand and at high speed. Unfortunately, these phenomena are always accompanied by a vague description. But in Andrea's own words: "Those who want to believe it are free to do so."
-- Editorial comment from Diario La Rioja

As Round as A Hat and as Shiny as Silver
By Luis Sáez, Diario La Rioja, August 1975

Murillo remains a hotbed of curious news items. Yesterday we visited this locality to interview Mrs. Andrea Esteban so she could elucidate on her strange sighting of a "UFO".

Doña Andrea, who lives in the town of Murillo, takes care of some animals that she has. One fine day she was walking in the company of a friend when she was startled by a strange object crossing the sky.

"Where did you see it, exactly?"
"I was walking along the Agoncillo road when we saw it fly over the road toward Zaragoza. My neighbor didn't get to see much of it."
"What was it like?"
"It was round, just like a straw hat, and as shiny as silver. It was also rather large."
"How fast was it?"
"Hard to guess, just like the size, but I figure it was going very fast."
"Do you know what it was exactly?"
"I don't know if it was a flying saucer. I only know that it was so shiny it was blinding us."
"Can you give us any more details?"
"Unfortunately, no. I already told my neighbor that it was a shame that we weren't able to get a closer look."
"Were you scared?"
"No, no. I've already told you that I wish it had flown right beside us. I wouldn't have been scared like other people who've seen those machines."
"Do you believe in flying saucers?"
"I've always maintained that when so many of us have seen "UFOs" there has to be something to it."
"Have you told your neighbors?"
"Only a couple of people, so I haven't been looking for celebrity."
Doña Andrea says she's currently 51 years old and isn't lying about her age. Those who want to believe are free to do so, Doña Andrea adds.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Mexico: Alleged UFOs Recorded By Separate Witnesses, Mexico-Pachuca Highway

Source: Ana Luisa Cid
Date: August 14, 2006

Mexico: Alleged UFOs Recorded By Separate Witnesses, Mexico-Pachuca Highway

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid writes:

Greetings - I am attaching three videos from this past August 14th. The witnesses have described a very large object floating over the México-Pachuca Highway. [They recorded it] using their cellphone cameras. Several drivers slowed down to witness the phenomenon. One possible explanation would be an enormous "globo de cantoya" (sky lantern), although the luminosity that appears to surround it is startling. Some have described a metallic dome. - Regards, Ana Luisa.

Next are the links to the respective cellphone videos provided by each witness:

Maricruz Hernández:
Jim Morrison:
Jorge Mendoza:

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU]

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Mexico: A UFO in San Baltazar Atlimeyaya?

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Grafico (
Date: 08.16.2016
Article by Yohanan Díaz Vargas

Mexico: A UFO in San Baltazar Atlimeyaya?

08.13.2016-14:49 - An impressive UFO sighting was recorded at San Baltazar Atlimeyaya, Puebla, on Saturday 6 August at 10:58 p.m. before the startled eyes of nearly 50 people who met to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Great UFO Wave of 1991 organized by Grupo Volibolo.

A startling and unexpected sighting, given that Saturday was overcast and with heavy rains. The rain stopped after 10 o'clock at night. As the cold increased, witnesses saw a shining green object rising through the trees some 200 meters away from their position. The UFO was flying slow at a low altitude and was soundless. It vanished minutes later by simply turning itself off. It was seen later on over some houses near La Cabaña Encantada, a restaurant owned by UFO contactee Paulino López López, who said that some 30 years ago a very beautiful being gave him a substance to scatter on his property, fostering his production of avocados, lemons and peaches.

The people watching the anomalous flying object saw it flying scant meters over the rooftops: "The UFO is looking for something," they said.

UFO hunter Salvador Guerrero, a dean of UFO research and videography, shot a green laser beam at the object and it responded with a very bright flash of light that astonished those present. Some of them felt fear. "Stop doing it, or it will attack us, don't do it..."

Others, who were leaving a conference that was interrupted by an attendee, who informed the gathering of the UFOs presence, asked: "Where's the UFO?"

The interrupted lecture had been the one offered by Miguel Angel Dominguez, who described the unidentified object as "impressive" upon seeing it.

The UFO hunters could be heard to say: "Quit shooting the laser at's answering us already."

Eduardo Ortega, a UFO hunter with 20 years' experience and nearly 500 videos of these anomalous objects, has recorded them in the vicinity of the Popocatepetl Volcano. That Saturday, August 6, Ortega boasted about his prowess and recorded the mysterious object, which was spherical in shape, white in its middle, and with a greenish-purple hue to its surroundings. When asked about it, he replied: "This isn't terrestrial in my opinion on account of its movements. Not just any object can execute them. It was neither a drone, nor a helicopter nor a plane." He added: "It's quite possible that these beings knew we were here, searching for them in this area where UFO sightings are constant."

The incident lasted a total of seven minutes before [the object] vanished into the horizon.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Diminutive UFO Occupants or Elementals?

Diminutive UFO Occupants or Elementals?
By Scott Corrales (c) 2016

Traditional cases involving “close encounters of the third kind” are as rare as hens’ teeth these days. These occurrences – involving contact between alleged non-human entities and ordinary humans – filled magazine articles and news columns in the ‘60s and ‘70s, petering out in the 1980s as UFO research went into a deep sleep, or into a cocoon from which an entirely new thing emerged. A media-savvy ufology, front-loaded with images and situations drawn from television series (“V”) and conspiracy literature. Roadside encounters in the night were replaced by the more convenient non-humans visiting witnesses (now “experiencers”) in their homes. These too would slow down to a trickle, and other pursuits would fill the agendas of a new generation of researchers.

The old-fashioned, quaint encounters did not go away, however. A careful search will show that human lives are still affected by contact with the unknown in remote corners of our planet, and while they may lack the impact of a Travis Walton or Pascagoula-type case, they are compelling in their own right.

One such incident comes to us from Costa Rica’s Exploración OVNI website (, which presents us with a case that reportedly occurred on May 7, 2012 in the small hours of the morning – 1:30 a.m. to be exact – at a small community known as Bagatzi near Guanacaste in the smallest but loveliest of Central American countries. No names are given, but webmaster Fernando Távara provides a transcript of the report as it was received. It reads thus:

“A friend and I were involved in tourist service business in a community known as Bagatzi, in Bagaces, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The town of Bagatzi is one kilometer distant from the Palo Verde National Park, and we chose this location because I had visited it with my family for 15 years and its vegetation and natural attractions are incredible. I moved to the community and rented somewhat rustic lodgings. There was no glass on the windows, there was a screen to keep bugs from coming in, and some bars [around the window] but from within I could see the surroundings and distant landmarks from the room. Only a few people make up the community, fifty at most, and the school only has two classrooms. There’s a soccer pitch and one store from which essentials can be purchased.”

The author of the report goes on to provide additional details on the area, concerning agricultural production, the vast amount of wildlife, and the fact that the Guanacaste area received the most amount of sunlight during the day while being the darkest location in the country at night. Light pollution is non-existent.

One night, described as excessively hot and dark – so dark that he was unable to see his outstretched hands before him – the witness saw what he believed was the light of a motorcycle headlight reflected against the wall of his room, but was unable to hear the sound of a distant engine. Local dogs started to bark as the light grew nearer, no longer white or light yellow, but orange. “[The light] came through the screen mesh, a tube of powerful orange non-halogen light whose brightness appeared to dim as entered the room.”

Far from being frightened, the witness marveled at the tube of orange light, realizing it had nothing whatsoever to do with a motorcycle headlight. “It measured some fifty centimeters wide and made a fluid, watery motion which I compared to gelatin. It had a life of its own, and it stopped a meter and a half from my head, since I was lying in bed with head to the west and my feet to the east. The thing came in through the window, and I was able to see that the tube of light contained an object in its rounded tip.”

What follows is the most astonishing description. The object contained in the orange shaft of light appeared to protect a small entity standing some forty centimeters tall (15 inches), described by the witness as reptilian, “similar to a manta ray, except it was contained within this substance, its hands and feet outstretched, as if floating within the gelatinous tube, giving it sustenance and protection.” The diminutive creature’s head was described as rhomboidal, with small eyes and mouth, a featureless nose, and no tail.

“I saw my entire room illuminated,” goes on the witness, “and could not take my eyes off this animal, as it considered it to be such. I felt no fear, and thought that I could easily catch it in my hands, since it was level with my chest. I had the feeling that this creature was a watchman, a monitor of the area, and entered my room out of curiosity in a relaxed, very natural manner.”
Upon realizing that the room was occupied, and its occupant awake and alert, the light became “solid and rigid”, according to the eyewitness’s testimony, contracted and left the room in a split second. “I jumped on my bed and managed to see it turn to the northeast, as if terrified at having been seen. It left the way it came, through the trees and where the dogs had been barking – a 300 meter stretch – in two seconds.” He adds that he was accustomed to making use of Stellarium (software that creates a planetarium effect) to study the stars and follow man-made satellites and one of the lights in the sky was brighter than normal. Despite the absolutely clear night sky, the unusual “star” stopped being visible after a few minutes.

Cases involving diminutive non-humans are nothing new, and the Costa Rican case shares characteristics with others in Latin America and elsewhere around the planet. Although the witness makes a connection between the tiny reptilian creature and the elusive “star”, there is nothing to suggest that it is a craft from another planet.
In May 2008, an Argentinean news wire reported that the citizens of San Carlos in the northwestern part of the country had witnessed a small creature standing no more than 40 centimeters tall – again, 15 inches -- with the uncanny trait of being able to generate a kind of “force field” that kept people from getting to close to it.

The witnesses to the high-strangeness event, whose names are given as Walter Lopez and Omar Ferlatti, reported their sighting to officials, describing the entity as “small, glowing and wearing pants”, and apparently shielded by “a magnetic field”. This apparent close encounter of the third kind took place as the entire valley region (the Valles Chalchaquíes of Salta) was in commotion over a large UFO reported in the area.

“Kids aren’t going out at night out of fear of the strange creature and the UFO,” claimed a resident of San Carlos in a statement to the COPENOA news agency. Ferlatti and Lopez’s account dovetails with the one given by a shepherdess on the hills, who was startled by the strange visitor. Police have stated that both stories coincide and that local residents are indeed frightened. “It hasn’t been seen again. It would be good for it to return, to ascertain that the events were indeed as described,” said deputy sheriff Luis Comenares.

Not all locals were as agitated about the diminutive visitor. Andean peoples have an extensive tradition of small creatures usually lumped under the classification of imps or goblins, and they are purportedly the spirits of children who died unchristened or attacked their parents. Pablo Villarubia, a tireless journalist of the occult, visited the Cafayate Museum in the city of Salta to speak to curator Elga Brabo, who was very forthright in their discussion on the subject of these half-magical, half-real sub-humans.

When asked if imps had ever been reported in Cachi, she replied affirmatively, adding that the creature was even known as “el duende de Toma Colorado” (the Toma Colorado Imp) – an entity that was more playful than perverse, but which hadn’t been seen for years.
One wonders whether these entities could be related to elemental forces of the Earth, nature spirits of a kind. Not the slightest hint of technology is evident. The orange tube of light in the Costa Rican case did not seem to have a generator or controls; the personal force-field used by the Argentinean imp did not appear to be related to a device worn on its body, at least not one that the witnesses were able to see.

Since the early days of ufology, and going even farther back in history, accounts of diminutive intelligent beings have played a crucial role is shaping our perception of the phenomenon. The sizes of these creatures range from a scant twelve inches to a not-so-small four feet in height. They occupy a special position within the study of the unknown, since they straddle the divide that separates folklore from contemporary approaches to enigmatic creatures: every culture on earth has a tradition which involves small beings that can be good or malicious, intelligent or brutish. That accounts of such creatures occur in our highly technological twentieth century, and in relation to the UFO phenomenon, constitutes an enigma in itself.

The brownies, pixies, gnomes and dwarves have their equivalents in the Mexican ikhals, chaneques and aluches. It is extremely odd to find such a variety of names to describe creatures that supposedly do not exist.

Batteries Not Included

For those bent upon an ETH-centered approach, the thought of a civilization sending miniaturized explorers to look over the galaxy isn't far-fetched. Small crewmen would consume fewer resources, and these tiny explorers would more than likely be biological robots (biots, in the parlance of Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama) as opposed to shrunken members of the spacefaring society, a concept that brings to mind Gordon Williams' The Micronauts (1979) in which a future society beset by environmental collapse and famine decides that the only way forward lies in Project Arcadia, an initiative at miniaturizing human beings to a size far smaller than the fifteen to twenty inches reported in these cases.

Ufology provides us with a fair number of cases that should remind us of Batteries Not Included, the Matthew Robbins film in which small mechanical life forms render assistance to beleaguered humans. One of these events – a particularly charming one – was researched by Antonio Ribera, the dean of Spanish ufology, and translated by Gordon Creighton, editor of Flying Saucer Review. The case involves a tiny flying saucer that disgorged a crew of uniformed ufonauts in the Spanish town of Villares del Saz, Province of Cuenca (Central Spain) in July 1953. Máximo Herraiz, 14, was tending to the family flock when he heard a “faint, muted, intermittent whistling” sound that caused him to turn around. He was surprised to see what he took for “a big balloon”, in his own words, which glowed with brightness that he was not accustomed to seeing.

Herraiz tried to grab the object, whose diameter he estimated at a meter thirty (four and a quarter feet), but “a door opened and little guys started coming out of it”. The object’s three diminutive occupants had an estimated height of 65 centimeters (25 inches) and addressed him in an unknown language. When the young man was unable to reply, one of the mini-ufonauts slapped him and all three returned to their object. “They went off very fast, like a rocket.”

Corroboration for this unlikely tale came from the boy’s father, who found landing marks on the ground, measuring thirty-six centimeters on either side. The local police chief, Crecencio Atienza, added his own testimony: “When the affair at Villares del Saz occurred, we saw what appeared to be a greyish white object which was stationary in the air, and then vanished shortly afterward. Its shape was very much like a ball. It left no trail, and when it disappeared it went toward the east.”

Riberas’s extraordinary report appears in the anthology The Humanoids (Chicago: Regnery, 1969) and is one of several events involving diminutive occupants from that period in history.